Welcome to the Camp Otter Main Lodge

Campers and staff group photo on the porch of the Main Lodge

Campers and staff group photo on the porch of the Main Lodge

OtterSqLogoWebWe’re pleased to welcome everyone who has been touched by the experience of attending Camp Otter.  The camp itself no longer exists, but Otter Lake and the wonderful memories of those years remain.  When you paddle the lake or walk its shores, you can still hear the happiness of the hundreds, even thousands, who had the privilege of attending a truly unique summer camp. (To enlarge images, click on them.  Hit back arrow after reviewing to return to page.)

Map of Dorset and Otter Lake Region

Map of Dorset and Otter Lake Region

While this looks like the Camp swim dock, the caption leads us to believe it was not taken at Dorset’s Otter Lake, given the reference to “Camp Rotary.” We welcome any input visitors might have about this shot and its subject.

This website has been created to help Otter alumni re-connect, and to share memories, photos and experiences.   We also hope it will be an effective tool for keeping our alumni contact lists up to date.

The Otter Main Lodge and campfire area

The Otter Main Lodge and campfire area

Now that you are here, make your next stop at the“Getting Started” page. There you will find a brief list of some things you need to do to get the most out of this website, including the ability post and respond to messages and stories from fellow alumni, contribute photos and other graphic materials, and help us assure the accuracy of our contact information.

2005 Camp Otter Alumni Reunion - Buffalo

2005 Camp Otter Alumni Reunion – Buffalo


2014 Reunion – Otter Lake Campsite – Dorset Ontario

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Camp Otter Main Lodge

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doug the DUCHSCHERER clan is all signed up for the reunion and were very excited about it. The website is fabulous too. We have a question about Drew’s movie? Is it really 1963. Both my sister and I are pretty sure we see Joan Fleischhauer.maybe someone else can identify others too. Great job! Wendy

  2. drewkahle says:

    Doug, Thank you for all the work you have done. I will go through my files and see what I can cotribute to the web site. I was unable to attend the 2005 reuion but I did stop by Rachel’s house and dropped off pictures and a watercolor painting by Mrs Ortner. I still have copies of those pictures in case they were lost. Again thak you for your efforts, I’m looking foreward to additions to the site and the upcomming reuion. Drew Kahle

    • Doug Webster says:

      Drew: Welcome aboard….you are the first to sign up. Yes…see if you can dig up the copies of those items and then we’ll discuss how to get them here. Larry Rublee is going to send me about 150 of his pictures and is going to check with Rick Ryder to see if he has a copy of a slide show of shots from the 200o reunion.

      • emyyoungboag says:

        Doug –
        This site is SO much fun to explore. Big time thank you’s to you for all your work. FYI, I have two albums full of pictures of my five summers at Otter. Any ideas on how to share them? Also, my husband has recently digitized some slides from the summers of ’67 and ’68, so they are available, too. I noted some names on the comments boxes under certain pictures from the Tannenbaum Lodge reunion album. Take care – Emy

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