Otter Alumni Contact Information – How to Get it And How to Keep it Up To Date

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February 5, 2013 by Doug Webster

In preparing for the 2014 Reunion in Dorset, alum Larry Rublee spent many hours reaching out to as many alumni as he could locate using contact information that had aged over several years since the last gathering in 2006.  Much had changed over that time, but Larry was able to reach many previously missing members and add their contact information to the list.

We have decided against trying to post this information here on the website, mainly because of the problem of spammers who roam the Internet trying to sweep up valid e-mail addresses to send out junk mail.

However, if you are interested in reaching out to alumni from years you were at Otter, we’re happy to pass along contact information to you.  To do so, send a request to

lrublee (at) comcast dot net.

And as always, we ask all alumni to help us keep your contact information (address, phone, e-mail) up to date.  In case you forget when a change happens, use the bi-annual time change, to and from Daylight Savings, as a memory reminder (just as you do to remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarm) and if you have had a change, send it along to Larry to update our lists.

Note too that we do not distribute this information to any but alumni and if you don’t want your information passed along to anyone else, let Larry know and we’ll honor that.



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