Photos: Color Shots from Late 50s or so


February 9, 2013 by Doug Webster

Most of these shots were contributed by Dave Pohlman and there might be one or two from Larry Rublee.  Lots of IDs needed.  If you can fill in blanks, click on the Contact section and send me a note.  Let me know which post you are referring to (use title above for example) and which shot.

We welcome your own contributions to our photo collection.  Wherever you can, include ID information and if you can remember, when the shots were taken and what is depicted.

To view these photos in larger size and in order, click on the first one to open it and then click on the arrows at either side of the image to move forward or backwards.

2 thoughts on “Photos: Color Shots from Late 50s or so

  1. lhirsch says:

    No I think it’s Ballatin

  2. Doug Webster says:

    I don’t have Dick Balanchine in the contacts list. His ID was supplied by Larry Rublee, but not sure when he attended. Anybody have any contact with him? Also wondering what happened to Dick Winters who appears in some shots from the Camp brochure. He was from Michigan, but we’ve lost contact with him.

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