The Camp Otter Brochure – Late 1950s


February 12, 2013 by Doug Webster

As part of their marketing efforts to strengthen the base of campers at Otter, the Rogers created a multi-page brochure promoting the Camp.  It opened with a cover shot of Dave Duchscherer playing his trumpet on the lake shore.

Dave Duchscherer on the Cover of the Camp Brochure

Dave Duchscherer on the Cover of the Camp Brochure

Next was a description of the camp with a photo of the camp’s large sailboat.  Guessing a bit on the IDs of those in the boat:  Doug Webster, Martha Otis, Joan Fleishauer Smith, Dave Duchscherer? and Ron Blum?

An introduction to the Camp

An introduction to the Camp

Next an introduction to Owners and Directors…the Ortners and the Rogers.

Charles and Rachel Rogers and Edith and Howard Ortner

Charles and Rachel Rogers and Edith and Howard Ortner

Then a review of Camp staff and a photo of counselors.  Back Row (L-R): ?, Park Huber, Jim Boguslowski, Dick Winters, Stu Zimmermann?, Front Row: Sue Madory Thompson?, Ann Wilder Shenk, Daryl Dobrindt Czech, ?, Brownie Bushman?, ?, ?, Grace Waters.

Camp counselors and staff

Camp counselors and staff

Health, Physical Development and Safety

Otter Brochure Health

Front Row of Health photo L-R: Joannie Fernbach, Linda Butler, Carrie Rogers, Cathy Fernbach

Row 2: ?, ?, Sue Bushman, ?, ?, Debbie Mills Kaminin, Marion Rogers

Row 3:  Last 3 on right, Martha Otis, Wendy Duchscherer Keller and Daryl Dobrindt Czech (obscured.)

Otter Brochure Swim SafetyI dunno about you, but I recall a time or two when the temperature might have been a tad below 70.

Coed Safety Photo:  L-R Back Row:  Sue Thompson?, Joan Fleischauer Smith?, ?, Doug Webster, Tim Heasly, Sandy Knebel, Ann Wilder Shenk, Dick Winters, Dave Walker, George Walker.  Grace Waters Young and ? lying down.  Not sure who is administering.  Watching:  Ron Blum, Bill Dustin and ?

Otter Brochure Safety TwoBill Crewson maneuvering in to a camp dock under the admiring gaze of campers.

Otter Brochure SundayRemember the Sunday letter writing?  You had to have a letter home to get into the dining hall.  Brother Chuck met this requirement with a memorable note to our parents reading, “Dear Mom and Dad, Love Chuck.”  Rachel and Charlie never failed to laugh when they told that story.

The rest of the brochure was a series of photos of camp life with brief captions:

OT Bro Wendy Joan foto

Wendy Duchscherer Keller top bunk and Joan Fleischauer Smith lower.

OT Brochure Guys Trip Huber foto

Doug Webster, Dave Walker, Park Huber, Dave Pohlman and Tim Heasly.  Note the mukluks on Doug, and the pack tumplines.  Those canvas Duluth packs could hold a ton, but if you packed a can against your back at the wrong angle….OW!  One of the greatest days of canoe trip agony was carrying an extremely heavy pack over the lengthy Bonfield-Dixon portage with a metal plate digging into my back.  The pack was so heavy that I could only rest by sitting on a log or stump.  Otherwise I couldn’t get back up again.

Park portaging.  Remember the fun days when all the flies and mosquitos would come under the canoe to join you, stay dry and have lunch at your expense?

OT Brochure Foto Girls Trip Pak

?, ?, Debbie Mills Kamin and Marion Rogers.  Remember Milk-O (and its cousin Klim) and Red River cereal (boxed bird seed)?  Park Huber recounted going home one summer to fix a breakfast for his parents of Red River topped with a canned cling peach half, proclaiming it a superb meal.   “Somehow it didn’t taste nearly as good at home as it did on a canoe trip,” he said.

OT Bro Volleyball foto OT Bro Tennis foto

Ah….the tennis court.  Seemed like we spent as much time trying to smooth out the lumps and treating it with calcium chloride and a roller as we did playing on it.  Park Huber and Bob Holdtke were the camp aces and had some memorable matches.

OT Bro Skit Foto

Evenings in the Lodge.  Remember Tam O Shanters…Tim Heasly and I bought them in Huntsville one summer.  He’s wearing one on the right and I am getting ready to put mine on.  What were we thinking?  Who is standing front and center?  Brothers Chuck Webster just left of my Tam, and Tom in the patterned sweater on the left side sitting.

OT Bro Prospectors Foto

Think the counselor on the left is Stu Zimmerman.  Ben Sharpe on the right and Joan Fleischauer Smith center in the back.

OT Bro Park Map foto

Park Huber with R-L Dave Duchscherer, Grace Waters Young, Bill Dustin and I think, Ann Wilder Shenk.

OT Bro Paddles foto

There were at least a couple of years when making your own canoe paddle was very popular.  Bill Crewson had a real skill in being able to pick out pieces of maple with special qualities that made for superb paddles.

OT Bro Lodge Dance foto

Back Left:  Sandy Kenebel and Ben Sharp, and not sure who is next to them…might be Dave Pohlman.

In front, L-R:  Larry Rublee? and Marion Rogers, Debbie Mills Kaminin and Chuck Webster, Wendy Duchscherer and Dave York and Grace Waters Young and Ron Blum.

OT Bro Dining Hall Foto

The dining hall.  Edith Ortner front left.  Not sure who the nurse was on the right, next to the Rogers and Marion and Debbie Mills.  Great meals of bug juice, bologna, PB&J, corn from Crewson’s and that secret marvel, Kuchen…a powdered sugar topped cake.  Remember going in the ice house with all that winter ice cut by Bill Crewson and packed in sawdust that kept all the perishables cold.  And water from the camp pump?

OT Bro Crewson Horses Foto

Want to say Bobby Fernbach on the horse on the left and Marion Rogers on the right, plus Debbie Mills Kaminin and Howie Ortner.  Not sure who is on the left.  Is the guy in the cowboy hat Jim Tenant?

OT Bro Campfire foto

Remember the last campfire of the season and launching floating candles on the lake….then the long bus ride home the next day?  We couldn’t wait to get back the next year.
OT Bro Bogie Cbin Group

Dave Walker on left and Bogie standing.

OT Bro Basketball foto OT Bro Archery foto

Memory fails me on some IDs, but I am sure others will fill in the blanks and we can eliminate most of the ? marks.  We welcome your contributions of additional photos and pictures of camp memorabilia.

One thought on “The Camp Otter Brochure – Late 1950s

  1. Doug Webster says:

    My caption for the Health photo in the brochure has been updated with correction from Mary Jo Veling. Wendy Butler ? was corrected to Linda Butler.

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