Lyrics: Camp Otter Song and Taps

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February 13, 2013 by Doug Webster

Courtesy of Larry Rublee  (Sung to the Tune of Lord Jeffrey Amherst)

The link will play the original tune as sung by the Amherst College Chorus


Oh way up north in Ontario beneath the open sky,

Far away from the worries of the city and the town,

With the shores bordered with maple,

And the fir Lake Otter lies,

And from up on the banks our camp looks down.

From the banks our camp looks down.

You may talk about your travels

And the seashore and the rest,

For there are pleasant places everywhere.

But give us our only Camp Otter,

It’s the freest and the best,

And we want no other happiness but there.


Oh Otter, Camp Otter.

Looking down from the fragrant, shady shore.

May she ever be glorious,

And be dear to us for ever more.

Oh the music of the whitethroat

And the chatter of the squirrels,

That greets the morning clanging

Of the early rising gong.

And the cool refreshing shivers

Of the early morning plunge,

All the sports to the day belong.

All the sports to the day belong.

How I love the dipping paddle and the crying of the loon,

And at dusk the owl or whippoorwill.

In the evening by the campfire, later in the bungalow,

And the slumber in the tents when all is still.



Day is done. Gone the sun.

From the lakes, from the hills,

From the sky. All is well, safely rest.

God is nigh.

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