Video: Camp Otter Home Movies from 1960


February 17, 2013 by Doug Webster

Not sure who, but someone brought a home movie camera to Camp during the 1960 season and the end result is this video with nearly 15 minutes of footage, including scenes from the Dorset Regatta with races and competitions, arriving at camp by bus, camp activities and part of at least one canoe trip.

3 thoughts on “Video: Camp Otter Home Movies from 1960

  1. drewkahle says:

    Doug, if you look close on the sluceway you’ll see a canoe sideways crumpled up. This was one of the portages to Cedar Lake. A boys trip ,don’t who was on it, put their canoes in the water and one got away and went sideways into the sluce. I was on a girls trip from Canoe Lake to Kiosk and back and when we got to this spot I crawled over the rocks and cut the Otter off the canvas so it could not be recognized that it was ours. I gave the Otter to Charlie when we got back to Camp. DREW

    • Doug Webster says:

      Ahhhh….THAT trip. I am pretty sure brother Chuck was on it and will have to get him to contribute his memories of it.

      As I heard it, one of the two canoes on trip pulled in for a very short portage around the sluice. The bowman and center man got out and pulled out the packs and all paddles were taken ashore, leaving the stern man in the canoe which then drifted off the shore and into the chute. The water pressure jammed it into width of the sluice like a cork and they could not get it out before the water heavily damaged it. As a result, they had to relay themselves out from there to Cedar and home.

  2. Doug Webster says:

    Grainy and bouncy, and sometimes very brief cuts, but good footage of the Dorset Regatta and of one or more canoe trips starting at around 10 minutes or so. One has footage of a train which suggests it was a trip up to Cedar Lake and Brent….also footage of what looks like an old logging sluice….also found on the approaches to Cedar. Anyone know who shot this footage?

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