Memorabilia: Camp Packing List and Shipping Instructions


February 19, 2013 by Doug Webster

Every camper’s parents got a list of the things they should bring with them to Camp Otter for the summer.  I vividly remember my mother obtaining imprinted name labels and sewing them into every article of what I sent to camp.  At that time I lived in Indiana and for the first couple of years, I took the train to Buffalo and shipped my gear in a steamer trunk.

My second year at Otter, I returned to the Camp after a particularly grungy canoe trip, the last day or two of which had featured drenching rains.  As a result, when I got back to Otter Lake, I was wearing some really dirty, smelly and wet clothing.  But it was also the day that anything being shipped home by rail had to be put in a trunk and shipped.  So I did.

The trunk turned up about a month later in West Lafayette, Indiana.  My mother opened it, gasped, lurched backward and quickly sent both trunk and contents to the dump.

Here’s the packing list and shipping instructions, from the Drew Kahle collection of fine Camp Otter artifacts.

Otter Packing and Shipping_Page_1 Otter Packing and Shipping_Page_2

5 thoughts on “Memorabilia: Camp Packing List and Shipping Instructions

  1. drewkahle says:

    Doug, you can keep the picture. I do not have a page 7 for ’63 maybe it was a typo. By the way all this memorabilia was stored in THE TRUNK ! DREW

  2. Doug Webster says:

    Looking at that list, I notice a recommended “3 suits of underwear.” Think of it…..very active kids at a wilderness camp for five to six weeks, out occasionally on canoe trips, always involved in athletics and wandering in the woods…..and armed with just three sets of underwear… least one of them probably in rotation out at the camp’s laundry company. No wonder they called it “roughing it!”

  3. drewkahle says:

    When THE TRUNK arrived home my mother would leave it in the garage and sort through everything before bringing ito the house. It made me feel like a hobo, I lived with these things and never thought about bugs, campfire oder, dirt, grime and what ever else she experienced wheN she opened this TRUNK. By the way I still have THE TRUNK . i WONDER IF CUSTOMS EVER OPENED THESE TRUNKS.

    • Doug Webster says:

      Only with a fumigation team standing by Drew. By the way, many thanks for all your contributions and if there is a page 7 for the1963 Otter News, send it along and I can add it to the post.

      • drewkahle says:

        Doug, you can keep the picture, I do not have page 3 from ’63. Maybe it was a typo and skipped. By the way all this memorabilia was kept in the TRUNK. DREW

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