Memorabilia: Otters News 1961

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February 19, 2013 by Doug Webster

Drew Kahle sent us a collection of Camp memorabilia including Otter News newsletters from1961-63 – Hand-typed from material submitted by campers, counselors and staff.  These seem to have been distributed in advance of what was then an annual holiday season camp reunion primarily for Otter alumni and families living in the western New York area.  You’ll find lots of names that bring back memories, and if you see a name here we do NOT have on our alumni list, let us know.  If you know anything about their whereabouts, let us know too.

Here’s the 1961 edition.

Otter News 1961_Page_1 Otter News 1961_Page_2 Otter News 1961_Page_3 Otter News 1961_Page_4 Otter News 1961_Page_5 Otter News 1961_Page_6 Otter News 1961_Page_7

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