Alumni Submissions – A Message and a Request to Alumni from Dave Olson


February 21, 2013 by Doug Webster

Alum Dave Olson (’67-’69) is now an actor, writer and producer of films, and reports he is now working on an independent film, scheduled to film next year and be released in 2015.  It will be called The Bonfield-Dixon.” 

I’m working on a movie project based on my experiences at Camp Otter and a lifetime spent going to Algonquin Park. The name of the film is “The Bonfield-Dickson” after the famous portage. It’s been kicking around in my head for several years and now I’m getting serious about it. It’s going to be an adventure story aimed at kids with a positive, faith-based message. We are in the writing and research stage and I’m asking everyone to share anything and everything they want about their memories and experiences and what Otter meant to them. We want it all, funny stories, sad stories, nicknames,etc. Everything is welcomed and appreciated.

This will be an independent film and if all goes well, will be shot in the summer of 2014 and released in 2015. More info will be coming soon about me but briefly: I’ve been an actor since 1990 and have a starring role in an indy film called “Sweet Good Fortune” and numerous stage and TV production experiences. Derek Leonidoff is one of the writers and a SAG actor. He was in the winning Dorritos ad from Super Bowl 2012. The one where the Great Dane buried the cat and bribes his owner to keep quiet with a bag of chips hanging from his mouth. Craig Sexton will be our director and has over 25 years experience in Hollywood working with A & B list actors. We are all in Virginia Beach.

So please, please share with us anything at all. I’ve just seen the Otter website, which is great, and will look for things there.The easiest way to reach us though is at or email We will eventually start up a Facebook page.

Exactly the kind of input we are looking for here on the website too Dave, via your comments to posts like this, and submissions of stories, newsletters, videos, etc.

And, if you haven’t read it, Dave has contributed a short story to our site called The Portage, which is based on his memories of crossing the Bonfield-Dixon.

Come join the fun and CONTRIBUTE….and just possibly, your experiences might wind up being part of the script for Dave’s movie next year.

One thought on “Alumni Submissions – A Message and a Request to Alumni from Dave Olson

  1. Dave Olson says:

    Doug, Thanks for getting this done. Your story of falling over backwards is just what we’re looking for! That will definately get written in. Very funny! Come’on everybody! Chip in.

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