Alumni Submissions: It’s Been 50 Years Since I……


February 22, 2013 by Doug Webster

Fifty and even 60 years have gone by since some of us were at Otter, but the memories are still vivid.  Here’s a great list from Drew Kahle.  Feel free to add yours in the comments box at the end of this post:

Camp Otter Memories

My last year at Camp Otter was 1963, fifty years ago.  It has been fifty years since I have:

–       Eaten Spam

–       Drunk  “Bug Juice”

–       Carried a 100-pound canoe

–       Weighed 118 pounds

–       Chased a bear through the woods

–       Drank a Fizzy out of a metal cup with lake water

–       Wore wet sneakers 10 days straight

–       Played the accordion

–       Sang Cumbyah around a camp fire

–       Drank milk when the cows were in the clover

–       Carried a milk  drum filled with lake water to flush the outhouse

–       Killed 10 mosquitoes with one wack portaging a canoe

–       Gone to the garbage dump and brought more back then we took (Charlie loved to scavenger hunt)

–       Skinny-dipped in a lake

–       Hitchhiked to town

–       Had a Neilson’s Chocolate bar

–       Slept under a canoe wrapped in a poncho

–       Ate Velveeta cheese

–       Had a PB@J sandwich on stale soggy bread

–       Sat in an outhouse hoping the mosquitoes were friendly

–       Slept in top bunk

–       Fell asleep standing up

–       Seen the beautiful Cedar Lake

–       Helped George with the honey dipper

–       Heard George preach “ Follow the white markers”

–       Road in a train freight car from Kiosk to Cedar

–       Found myself and sleeping bag in the morning 10’ down the hill from      where I had started the previous night

–       Been trapped under a sleeping bag with an angry mosquito

–       Coached a girls football team

I would do it all over again if my body would let me, so I will have to let the memories do the work.  Drew Kahle

One thought on “Alumni Submissions: It’s Been 50 Years Since I……

  1. davepohlman says:

    Sat in canoes with 8 other trippers while a curious bear walked through camp.

    Threw ropes over tree limbs to haul up the packs so the bears couldn’t get the food.

    Slept in the rain cause I was too tired not to.

    Tilted at the Dorset regatta.

    Ran an uncharted river.

    Read a book with a 6 volt home made light.

    Creasoted a cabin.

    Threw a double bitted axe.

    Dropped a maple tree for paddle blanks under the watchful eye of Bill Crewson.

    Been called “dearie.”

    Shared a kiss in a canoe in the middle of a lake.

    OD’d on blueberries.

    Burned leaches off George and Bill.

    Swamped a canoe during a storm on Opeongo.

    Used two paddles and a shirt to make a sail.

    Went “bobbing” on a canoe.

    I still occasionally portage a canoe (from the truck down to the lake and back) and paddle with a paddle I made. I doubt I could portage for more than a couple hundred yards but there is nothing like a canoe and being in one alway brings back memories of Otter and life long friends.

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