More Black and White Camp Photos

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February 26, 2013 by Doug Webster

Marion Rogers sent us a packet of photos and other odds and ends that included a series of black and white photos.  Our guess is that the first part of this gallery were shots taken by a professional photographer (name unknown) for the Camp Brochure.

After that there’s a shot of the group who spent a summer canoe tripping to Hudson’s Bay (we encourage you to supply names where we have blanks.)  And finally it appears to be shots of a canoe trip that has just returned to camp and landed at Sandy Beach.  Bill Dustin is clearly part of it.

Only some trips started and/or ended at Camp and some came in via a final portage down the road from Hardwood.  Ones coming via Kawagama would travel via Little Otter and then around Rocky Point to the camp.  Remember when trips returned…..they would always become the focal point of conversation for days afterwards as trippers told their tales.

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