Camp Otter Advertisements – 1910 to 1942


September 30, 2013 by Doug Webster

For much of its life, from its founding in 1910 to the 1950s at least, Camp Otter was inextricably linked with Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  Its founder, Charles V.P. Young, its famous alumni like E.B. White, its long-time owner Howie Ortner (coach of the Cornell basketball team) all reflected that tie.

It was no surprise therefore, that almost from the beginning, one of the prime sources of campers and counselors for Otter was the University….its students, its faculty and staff and their families.  Nor was it a surprise that for many years, the Camp’s primary marketing tool was the Cornell Alumni News where ads for the camp ran regularly starting each winter and running into the spring.

Larrie Cassie, a cottage owner on Otter Lake and past head of the Owners’ Association, has compiled his own scrapbook of articles and camp ads and generously lent it to us to copy those materials.

What follows are the full series of ads he has collected from an initial announcement that the camp was being launched by Mr. Young, early in 1910 to an ad from 1942.  (Click on the link below to open the PDF file with these materials.)

Otter Ads 1910 to 1942

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