Peter Crandall’s “Camp Otter Memories” – A 1930s Memoir With Photos

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September 30, 2013 by Doug Webster

Peter B. Crandall attended Camp Otter from 1932-1934 and the memories of those few summers stayed with him for another 70 years until he returned to Canada and Dorset in the Fall of 2006. By then, of course, Otter no longer existed, but he explored the area, visited the camp site and connected with Olga Cunningham (one of the four children of Bill and Jessie Crewson), Brad Robinson of Robinson’s General Store, and with Norm MacKay of the Dorset Heritage Museum. From his memories and with the help of photos from Olga’s collection of camp memorabilia and with input from his connection with Jim Showacre whose parents had served as Otter doctor and nurse in the early days of camp, he compiled his own self-published booklet of Camp Otter Memories – “A True Narrative of Some Early by-Gone Days in a Canadian Boy’s Camp.

No matter when you attended Otter, as you read Peter’s story, and view the pictures, you will be reminded once again of how enduring the traditions of the camp were down through the years, and how much they are missed.  Peter wrote his book in 2006 and passed away not long after.  (Click the link below to open the PDF of Peter’s memories.)

PeterCrandall Otter Memories

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