A Few Alumni Are Still Missing. Can You Help?


May 19, 2014 by Doug Webster

As noted elsewhere, Larry Rublee has done some masterful work in tracking down current contact information for a large part of our known alumni list.  Despite his efforts however, Larry was unable to locate a few alumni, but there is always hope that we can locate them, possibly with help from one or more of you who may know how to reach them.

Here are the names of the “missing” but not forgotten.  If you have information or a possible lead, leave a note here or contact Larry Rublee at lrublee AT comcast dot net

AS OF 8/31/14

Chris Barth

Douglas Brown

Frank Brown

Russell Brown

Ellen Caito Soyka

Bill Carr

Ralph Chapman

David Cuthberson

Craig Dahman

Jeff Dahman

Jim Day

Connie Eaton Nagle

Debby Genco

Eddie Hilliard

Kevin Hitchcock

Terry Hitchcock

Anne Marie Hoffarth

Bill Hoffarth

Jon Hoffarth

Wendy Hoffarth

Robert Jones

Jan Kennerson

Peter Kennerson

Chris Kennerson

Lyndon Lehde

Karen Manweiler

Richard McClive

Dave Munson

Kevin Pyle

Barbara Neal

Roberta Rich Hundert

Laurie Richmond Garlock

Nancy Russo

Sandy Schenk

Lynn Sprague Swager

Nancy Stage Loncto

Merry Stetler

Heather Swan Miller

Jim Tenant

Nancy Van Pelt

Dick Winters

5 thoughts on “A Few Alumni Are Still Missing. Can You Help?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sandy Schenk’s full name is Worthington George Schenk III. He’s a doctor. He and I were in the same graduating class from Kenmore West in 1968, so I may be able to get contact information for him. He does not live in Buffalo at this time.

  2. John Young says:

    I wish that could help but I wanted to let you know that I am planning to drive up from St. Louis Mo. To attend.the reunion.

    It well be about 45 years since I have seen Dorset.

    John B. Young   –   ac0kk@arrl.net

    • Doug Webster says:

      John….that’s great to hear. Be sure you get that information to Larry Rublee via the registration form on the 2014 Reunion page link from the home page. Look forward to seeing you in September.

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