Photo Gallery – The Troops Gather: Thursday 9/4 Dinner in Dorset


September 15, 2014 by Doug Webster

Late Thursday afternoon, September 4th, nearly 50 Otter alumni and spouses got together for the first time for drinks and dinner at Trading Bay Restaurant on the south side of the inlet in Dorset.  It was a time to pick up on conversations from the 2005 gathering, renew friendships and in some cases meet new alumni, showing up for the first time.  Photographs from Doug Webster and John Young as will be the case throughout these postings of photo galleries from the weekend.  To view the gallery full screen, just click on the first image and then navigate right or left:



3 thoughts on “Photo Gallery – The Troops Gather: Thursday 9/4 Dinner in Dorset

  1. Absolutely lovely! But – you people look so old! I don’t remember you folk that way. What happened?
    Truthfully, I do so enjoy seeing people I once knew reappear in a different life…. Fact is, Parke and Larry Rublee; Peter Hitchcock; and others but especially George Walker, are all fixtures in my youthful memories.
    Time flies. I wish you all the best and very much thanks to Doug Webster for creating and maintaining (I think) these pages.
    Be well.
    George Murray

  2. Joanne Teller says:

    I, too, am enjoying the photos!

  3. davepohlman says:

    I am so bummed that I could not attend :o( From the pictures I can see that it was a great reunion. Thanks to Doug and Larry and all those that were able to support the reunion. I would love to see more pictures if they are out there.

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