Otter Photos: The Ortner Family Collection


September 28, 2014 by Doug Webster

You may have noticed during reunion weekend meals at the Dorset Community Center, we had a computer and scanner set up and spent a lot of time capturing print photo images from alumni who had opened albums and shoe boxes and closets and pulled out shots taken during their days at camp.

One of the treasure troves of the weekend — a large collection from the Ortner family including Bill, Carol Ortner Inserra and Patty Ortner Coughlin.   I’m hoping we will get some additional feedback from the Ortners and others to help us identify as many people as we can.  You will note however, that many of these shots appear to stretch back into the 40s and forward as far as the mid-50s or so, as evidenced by the appearance of female campers who first arrived in force in1956.  There are also shots from at least one Dorset Regatta.

We’ve tried to do some organization of things, and you will note the transition from camper tents to cabins as one evidence of the changes chronicled.

4 thoughts on “Otter Photos: The Ortner Family Collection

  1. marfaffa says:

    These are amazing historical pictures. Wonderful!

  2. John Conkling says:

    doug i need your mailing address so i can mail the camp otter catalog to you that i had in dorset 9/14…..also want to know how i can copy pictures you sent …there is one of my self in bare feet with a pack on and my old friend red brown with a hat on plus a pack and another camper plus someone carrying a canoe …looks like we are coming out of the woods at sandy beach…i would like to send it to red’s 3 children

  3. Anonymous says:

    Priceless! Who are folks next to Bill Crewson in the photo where he has the canoe on his shoulders? Identify Edith Ortner for any photos in which she appears. She is in the background in at least one where Howie is in the classic checkered shirt sitting down hill before the assembled camp.

  4. John Conkling says:

    you are and have been doing a fantastic job of gathering all the info on camp otter….amazing for a camp that no longer exists..except in our minds…such wonderful memories….thans

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