Camp Photos From the 60s – Emy Young Boag


January 11, 2015 by Doug Webster

During the Dorset Reunion, several Otter alumni brought collections of photos – most of them in print form as one would expect with images from that era.  Among them was Emy Young Boag who worked as a counselor at the camp in the 60s and amassed over 200 images.  We were able to scan them during the reunion, but then the challenge was trying to make sure we were able to identify as many alumni as we could.  Fortunately, Emy lives not far from me and this weekend the two of us spent several hours going through the scans, one by one, and assembling that data.  The following gallery includes photos taken between 1964 and 1968.  In some cases, we weren’t able to identify individuals or made an educated guess and there may be a few instances where names are misspelled.  At any rate, for the many alumni who attended Otter during that final decade, enjoy the memories of camp life, canoe trips, Regattas, crafts, woodsman days and campfires.

If you know a missing name or spot a need for a correction, note the image number (i.e. 64 27) and send the information as a comment to this post or to dweb823 (at) aol dot com.

And as always, for best viewing, click on the first image to enlarge and then proceed forward.

One thought on “Camp Photos From the 60s – Emy Young Boag

  1. larryrublee says:

    Oh Emy…Such wonderful pictures. Thanks.
    -Larry R.

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