Mini Reunions and Reconnections


August 17, 2015 by Doug Webster

Have you connected with other Otter alums recently?  Any pictures as a result?  Send them along and we’ll add them to the site.  A reminder to one and all….be sure you keep us updated anytime you move, or change your phone number or e-mail to make sure our database of contact information is up to date. Send changes to Larry Rublee at lrublee at comcast dot net

Aug. 18-19, 2016

Peter and Alice Dustin stayed overnight in the Pittsburgh area on their way to Indiana and then Minneapolis to see Peter’s brother Bill.  Thursday night, they had dinner with Emy Young Boag and her husband at their home and this morning we got together for breakfast here in Monroeville.  All to brief, but always fun to see old friends, get caught up (and of course share camp memories.)

IMG_2309Libby Rogers Hirsch and family were in Boston recently and that made possible a mini-get together with other alums in the area including Lynn Rublee, Cathy Fernbach and Marion Rogers.

Joining Libby Rogers Hirsch (not in picture) were L-R Lynn Rublee, Cathy Fernbach and Marion Rogers

Joining Libby Rogers Hirsch (not in picture) were L-R Lynn Rublee, Cathy Fernbach and Marion Rogers


Martha Otis sends along pictures of another mini-reunion recently in Brattleboro, VT with Jim Boguslawski.  The two also got together with Park Huber who lives in the area.  You’ll find photos of Park as part of recent posts on the memorial service for Jane Wardwell Roberts this spring.  It appears the first of these two pictures is with a floating car. Why we don’t know unless Jim planned to take it out and try some gunwale bobbing.

We’re also happy to let alums know that after a long long search, Larry Rublee managed to locate Dick Winters who worked as a counselor at Otter in the late 50s.  Dick’s family owned a cottage on Lake Otter.  Dick and his family currently live in Lansing, Michigan.


3 thoughts on “Mini Reunions and Reconnections

  1. Joanne Teller says:


  2. marfaffa says:

    I am happy to see picture and know Otterites have ways of being in touch. Sometimes I have trouble w WordPress. If this message goes through I’ll send a picture of
    visit to Brattleboro where I met up with Bogie. We spent a good hour w Parker Huberat his house b I have pic of me w Bogie Will send. Please make sure Serena gets it. Didn’t feel right about taking pictures of Parker – but I have to say we had a great time. talking with him. Thanks Doug!

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