Watch Your E-Mail For Otter News


May 21, 2016 by Doug Webster

Keep an eye out for a message to all Otter alumni with a couple of important items of interest.  First is news that a Hugh McEchern wood and canvas canoe is on the market and Otter alums will have first call.  The mail provides more detailed information and how you can respond if you are interested.

Second, we’re thinking about another Otter get together in 2017 in the Buffalo area…probably sometime in July.  George and Barb Hills Walker are offering use of their commercial property for a gathering and suggesting three possible dates.  We know it is way early….over a year away, but we would love to get your initial feedback on whether you might attend, and if so, whether you have any preferences as far as a date.

Keep us posted on latest news and as always, let Larry Rublee know if there are any changes to your contact information.

2 thoughts on “Watch Your E-Mail For Otter News

  1. I’m excited to hear about the the forth coming reunion in 2017

  2. Mike Duffy says:

    Sounds like a great place and time. I will sure try and make this event!!

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