Old Otter Camper Address List – A Glimpse Into the Past UPDATED


July 26, 2016 by Doug Webster

NOTE:  This post has been updated.  All page images are now correctly oriented and this post includes ALL PAGES in the register.  An earlier second post that included the M-Z portion of the register was deleted since this now includes all pages.  Apologies for any entries that are hard or impossible to read. Many were listed in pencil and have faded over the years.


Larry Rublee gets the credit for the heart of this new post, having labored through a massive task….scanning about 65 pages of a rich resource….an alphabetical (mostly) address book with names of Otter campers (and in some cases their families) that reaches back as far as the 1930s and forward into the 60s.

Larry got this journal during our Otter reunion in Dorset in 2014.  Apparently it had been found by one of the present cottage owners (possibly Malcom Thornton on whose property the Saturday reunion was held that year) – possibly in the Ortner’s house and fortunately it was kept.

As near as we can tell, this journal was started by the Ortners and most of the entries were kept by them over the years as an address reference for past and current campers.  As time went on and the Rogers took over, there were additional entries, but as you will see, some alpha pages in the register got filled and/or an occasional name was simply added without reference to alphabetization.

As a result, many of you may well find your name or names of friends where they ought to be, but in some cases, they may be there, but simply added out of sequence, so some searching may be required.

As those who follow this website know, the resources we have had to draw from as far as photos, memories, materials and history, have been richer in the final period of the camp’s history (1910-1970) with a concentration from the 50s forward.

This register however, provides additional insight into campers from earlier eras and we hope you find it interesting and fun to leaf through it.

NOTE:  Still to be tackled and an even larger challenge, pages from the “end-of-season” register Otter campers usually signed with their names, comments and best memories.  It starts in the late 40’s and continues until 1967….then restarts in the 70s, apparently with entries added by cottage owners or guests who came to Lake Otter for visits and added their names and comments.

This is an outsized volume with rectangular pages…double sided and bound so it is going to take some work with a flat bed scanner to get things converted and posted.  We have the resources to do it….it is a matter of the time, but we will get it done.

In the meantime, if you any of you have goodies in your closet or attic or basement from your days at Otter that are not yet part of our collection, let me know.  You can send digital images, or if need be, we can convert here and return materials to you.

So here’s the alpha register A-Z

Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_01 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_02 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_03 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_04 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_05 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_06 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_07 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_08 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_09 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_10 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_11 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_12 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_13 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_14 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_15 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_16 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_17 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_18 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_19 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_20 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_21 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_22 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_23 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_24 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_25 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_26 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_27 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_28 (1)Camp Otter roster A-L_Page_29 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_01 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_02 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_03 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_04 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_05 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_06 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_07 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_08 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_09 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_10 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_11 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_12 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_13 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_14 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_15 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_16 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_17 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_18 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_19 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_20 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_21 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_22 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_23 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_24 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_25 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_26 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_27 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_28 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_29 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_30 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_31 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_32 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_33 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_34 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_35 (1)Camp Otter roster M-Z_Page_36 (1)

2 thoughts on “Old Otter Camper Address List – A Glimpse Into the Past UPDATED

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Job! Carol Ann Ortner

  2. davepohlman says:

    Thanks Larry!!! It was something to see Uncle Howie’s name and brother Bob’s sign in! Something for the ages :o)

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