Additional 1968 Photos from Mike Duffy


August 16, 2016 by Doug Webster

Mike (1968-69) sends us several B&W photos taken in 1968 and supplies IDs he can confirm.  A few include unidentified individuals, so if you think you know who they are, please indicate which photo you are referring to and the location of the individual(s) you think you know and we will update.

Duffy Photos1

Top George Baker, sitting on truck Parke Rublee, next in the truck is Keith Clarke, next in truck is Unknown, next standing is Carl Freeman, and last in truck is Dean Sarage.

Duffy Photos2

Chuck Amo

Duffy Photos3

Parke Rublee

Duffy Photos4

Keith Clark

Duffy Photos5

L-R Keith Clarke, George Baker (top), unknown, Jeff Olsen, Dave Olsen, Rick Rider

6 thoughts on “Additional 1968 Photos from Mike Duffy

  1. Jim Boguslawski (Bogie) says:

    Your photos bring back many fond memories of camp. Don’t you wish we were young again?

  2. Doug Webster says:

    OK….I have updated per the comments above. We still need IDs for a couple of group photo unknowns.

  3. Lynn Rublee says:

    One more ..that’s Rider with an “i” , not a “y”…it’s Parke ( with an e) . They probably don’t care , but their sister comes through…..;0) !!

  4. Lynn Rublee says:

    I did send email reply already , but I think the two next to Rick Rider in the last photo are Jeff and Dave Olson . And (maybe) the second photo is Chuck Amo…maybe he can confirm…..

  5. Lynn Rublee says:

    I think in that last photograph are both Jeff and Dave Olson next to Rick Rider and could that second photo be Chuck Amo????

    Cheers, Lynn

    “Camp Otter Dorset, Ontario” on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    • Timothy Milligan says:

      Lynn , Could the unknown be Doug Brown in the jeep? And the other be one of the Barth brothers? Just thinkin LaurieHoffarthMilligan

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