Peter Dustin’s Canoe Trip Planning Docs


August 18, 2016 by Doug Webster

Peter’s recent bout of “closet rummaging” has been turning up a number of fascinating looks into Otter’s past including a recent post of additional photos from the Otter Reunion of 2000 in Elicottville, NY.

Peter also sent a submission to add to this site’s collection of Camper Memories.  You will find it added to the end of the post 

P.S.  If reading Peter’s memory post and those of others who have contributed stimulates your own memories of Otter, jot them down and send them to us.  Instructions are at the head of the Memories post.  Make it as long or as short as you wish.

P.P.S.  Do you have old Otter items hanging around in your closet, an attic or in the garage…items that might bring back memories for others who went to Otter?  If so, send them along.  We can scan and return old print photos and if you have other individual items, it is often easy to get a photo with your phone camera and then send it to us along with some background on the item, its history and the memories that go with it.

Peter notes that part of his work as a counselor at Otter included helping Jane Wardwell Roberts with the often unseen and under-appreciated chore of planning for upcoming canoe trips.  Each of us remembers the 1-3 trips we took each summer, ranging from overnights to 1-3 days to a week or more, but few remember that behind each of those trips was the task of making sure they went out with an assigned counselor team, a list of those who would be making the trip with them, along with gear and of course, food.  And the trips WE went on were among many that went out each summer.

65 60 N Bay Depart

65 60 N Bay Depart

67 106 John Berner and Jeep

67 106 John Berner and Jeep

Peter managed to save a collection of his trip planning documents from 1965, and we post them here.  Some may be a bit out of order (as Peter notes in his memory post) but in reading through them you may find your name, names of old friends, and reminders of the kinds of gear and food you took with you….everything from Klim (powdered milk) to Rangely (today’s gorp), powdered lemonade, Red River, and everything else that wound up in a pack and on your back before you enjoyed it around a campfire.  So here goes….about 30 pages of material to dig through and savor.



4 thoughts on “Peter Dustin’s Canoe Trip Planning Docs

  1. Doug Webster says:

    I went to camp early enough to remember the days when they sent us out with the kind of oleo you had to work a dye packet into to make it look like butter. Was also there during the brief Fizzies fad.

  2. Lynn Rublee says:

    Ah, I remember how good that Spam tasted after a long day of canoeing….

  3. marfaffa says:


  4. marfaffa says:

    Now that’s Organization! Good for Peter for saving and finding the notes.
    Martha Tiddlie Otis

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