Peter Dustin Pens First Piano Composition – Walking


October 1, 2016 by Doug Webster

Peter Dustin does lots of walking and of late has been using the time for contemplation and crafting his first piano composition which he dedicates to family friends and to “friends whose hearts are in the Algonquin Highlands.”

With a 2017 reunion in the works I pass on for the website the following:
Eleven summers at Camp Otter brought the pleasures of all day open air life, the surroundings of nature, the sagas of canoe trips.  In that spirit, now much later in life, I have thus (in part) dedicated my first piano composition including lyrics.
Singing songs were integral to camp life, particularly at the end of the day, perhaps while canoeing, or on those occasions when a person was possessed by Sadie Belch. Such possession, as many know, required the Possessed to solo sing a song to the Camp.
Thus possessed this summer while taking my constitutionals, such ambulations, often with my pet dog, on a nearby local trail, which has served for many years as a place for exercise and  retreat, a song emerged.   It took form while walking, taking notice, over time, of various events around me, and has a little “chutzpah” thrown in.  Think a little of the saga of a long portage and the bittersweet of life. I hope Sadie may find some satisfaction with this.
 NOTE:  The sheet music originally posted has been updated by Peter and this material is the latest version.

3 thoughts on “Peter Dustin Pens First Piano Composition – Walking

  1. Lynn Rublee says:

    Your and Alice’s talents continue to amaze me…….!

  2. marfaffa says:

    I’m excited about this song – I printed it out (can’t always do this but today it worked! 8 pages!) and my next step is to go to the piano. Bravo Peter.

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