2017 Reunion II and Odds and Ends

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February 22, 2017 by Doug Webster

A quick update regarding the 2017 Alumni Reunion, set for the Buffalo area July  15.  For more details, see the Reunion Update 1 post 

Larry Rublee has been reaching out to alumni to try and get a good reading on attendance and we’re happy to report that as of this writing, we are expecting something in the area of 60 people to be on hand.  As we get into the spring and early summer, we’ll provide additional updates.

If you are planning on attending, or even giving it strong consideration, send a note to lrublee (at) comcast (dot) net so he can update our master list.  (It will also reduce the number of phone calls Larry has to make.)

It is important that we have as accurate a headcount as we can ge,t since we need to make plans with a caterer for meals and for overall use of the venue.

Final Portage Posting – Very Early Alums

Got a note via a web posting here recently regarding Harry B. “Tex” Sinclair who attended Otter between 1919 and 1929.   His son Steve sent the information after stumbling upon the Otter website.  Steve said he wasn’t sure how his father, who grew up in Galveston, TX, found out about Otter.  In those days, given the camp’s close ties to Cornell and Ithaca, it was unusual that he became a camper from so far away, and apparently for some time.

Steve also said his father in the 70s reconnected with another Otter alum from those years named George Rosenburg, born in Rochester and died in 2015.  In Harry’s case, the Cornell connections did have an impact, it appears, as Harry wound up going to Cornell, based on large part by his contacts with camp counselors, many of whom were Cornell students.

As always, if you have information about a camper who has passed on, send us the information for posting on the site’s Final Portage page.  The same goes for photos or copies of camp memorabilia that might be of interest to the group.  And as always, we encourage your submission of camp memories and thoughts.

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