2017 Camp Otter Reunion 3: Memories and Memorabilia

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August 12, 2017 by Doug Webster

We asked those coming to the reunion to bring along their collections of camp memorabilia and boy did they.  We had several large tables covered with all sorts of goodies:

Otter Register Paddle artwork etc.

Paintings, paddles, and the end-of-season camper register

Otter brochure and Memorabilia

The Camp Otter Brochure and a paddle from the Hudson Bay trip…on the right Park Huber’s “A Tangle of Asparagus”


The brochure all spread out


…and a John Young composite showing both sides

Otter books maps, etc.

Algonquin Maps, books and goodies, and articles about camp

Camp memorabilia

Post cards, pictures paddles and an Algonquin portage sign

Early Otter ads, photos, Algonquin map

More artwork and writings


The portage sign


An Otter mascot


…and Bob Hoffarth’s 1969 paddle

the Rogers family

A family photo of the Rogers

postcard from Howie Ortner 1938

A 1939 Howie Ortner postcard to Jack Crewson (postage due)


A friendship stick


Rangely Recipe (and Rangely) courtesy of Emy Young Boag (printed by Jane Wardwell Roberts)


Part of a Jane Roberts print project


Bogie commissioned this painting of Dave Duchscherer playing his trumpet to awaken campers…

Howie Ortner Honors

This collection of awards given over the years to Howie Ortner was brought by Bob Hoffarth along with Edith Ortner watercolors


From his Cornell basketball team alumni


An award of merit from the NABA


and basketball medallion


Edith Ortner watercolor


Watercolor of the waterfront near the flag pole


The following are scenes from Camp home movies taken by the Hoffarths..probably in the early 60s


A video of these clips is now posted on the Otter website


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