2017 Camp Otter Reunion 4: Evening Program and Final Group Photos


August 12, 2017 by Doug Webster

Following another great meal, alumni joined together for a brief evening program that included a skit or two, a presentation, and some group photos, followed by an outdoor campfire.

0M6A137900001IMG_00001_BURST20170715190113080137E8-6A6C-47BF-8004-24B3AEF39331C39E2F22-872B-4F17-AD5A-ECB68184D478D132B1E1-4ED0-4D09-B261-77817A01DAF9E7860CA6-9DED-443D-B0CB-2759ABFC9984FD1CC592-69C8-47E7-9B6F-68E856CB8BE0IMG_0122In keeping with camp tradition, a “skit” was hastily improvised called “Pine Tree Lane – A Drama in 5 Acts, starring Doug Webster and Martha Otis as star-crossed teen lovers trying desperately to neck near the Lodge after lights out in the cabins, only to be thwarted by Rachel Rogers, head of the Professional Passion Patrol, (played by Marion Rogers).


From Monday through Friday evening, Doug and Martha are torn apart by everything from gentle nudges to a canoe paddle to a plumber’s plunger to a crowbar.  (Doug and Martha said it was simply a re-creation of events of long ago.)

George Walker then appeared to present his plans for a camp for the future.  As a parent who sent two of his children to a camp run by George and Barb, I can attest that Camp L’Homme du Nord was one of the few places on earth where the swamp literally was drained.

C-Otter-126Dave Olsen also presented the rough outline of a movie script he has been working on based on the travails of the Bonfield-Dixon portage.

In appreciation for their generosity in making their facilities available for the reunion, Alice Dustin donated one of her beautiful watercolors of Algonquin for presentation to the Walkers.  (Note:  Alice’s works normally command WAY more than a case of Macintosh Toffees in value, and the organizing committee is deeply appreciative of the donation by her and Peter.)

0M6A1491And then the stage became the set for a series of photos:

Campers who had attended Otter in 1960:


Then a group from 1965 (?  Double checking this one)

0M6A1506And finally, the traditional closing group shot of all alumni at the 2017 gathering:


2 thoughts on “2017 Camp Otter Reunion 4: Evening Program and Final Group Photos

  1. Anonymous says:

    With great pleasure, I am looking at the pictures from our reunion. What a blast! A silly happy, deeply touching and meaningful weekend. Thank you guys – all who organized this and those who came. You know who you are.
    I seem to have a strange name attached to my WordPress account. Its ME Tiddley or however you want to spell it. I will change the name if I can figure out how.
    I wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Martha (Tiddle)

    • marfaffa says:

      This is NOT anonymous – I just do not know how to properly post. Next reunion I want Doug to give us a lesson, a class, in using the WordPress app which is supposed to be so simple….

      Hugs to all,
      Martha Otis.

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