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Keeping Your Information Up to Date and Obtaining Information on other Alumni

For instructions on how you can make sure our contact database information for you is up to date and how to obtain contact information for other Otter alumni, click here.



8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. How fantastic that I stumbled across this site!!! Was sniffing around Dorset websites and googled Camp Otter….wow.
    Without a doubt, my years at CO were the best times of my life. It was topped off by winning best camper award after the 10 day canoe trip to North Bay. I had tears in my eyes when I read that the camp was gone…but I guess time marches on. But the memories of: “”Oh way up north in Ontario….” will be with me forever. Would love to get up there but its tough, now living in Philadelphia.
    Rid Francisco

    • Doug Webster says:

      Rid….to make sure we have updated contact information for you, be sure to get in touch with Larry Rublee at lrublee at comcast dot net. We send out periodic notes to alumni and that will keep you in the loop. There are talks of a possible reunion in the next year or so, perhaps in the Buffalo area. And there are several alumni in your area, including Peter Dustin. In fact, Peter, wife Alice were in town yesterday and Robin and I had dinner with them.

  2. Joanne Sedita Teller
    245 Warner Road
    Lancaster, New York 14086
    (716) 683-3883

  3. larryrublee says:

    Kudos to Doug for doing an incredible amount of work to create and get this website up and running. The Otter spirit is alive and well-represented in all this material. I hope everyone who attended Camp Otter will log on, reminisce and participate. Thanks, Doug!

  4. veling12013 says:

    Hello Doug,

    Thanks so very much for doing all this work. In the Camp brochure the person in between Cathy and Joan Fernach is Linda Butler, I have her email to send you. Take Care, Mary Jo

  5. Doug Webster says:

    Thanks Drew…have updated that photo in the Black and White photo post.

  6. drewkahle says:

    The photo titled Bogies Cabin was taken in 1959, my first year at Camp. I am first row far left next to be is (?) Bushman. IN the second row middle is that Carter and on his left Peter Waterman. DREW

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