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If you are visiting our Camp Otter site, chances are you got an e-mail from us alerting you to its creation because you are an alumni or a friend of the Camp, or you Googled Camp Otter and stumbled across us.  That e-mail also included instructions on how to become an active member of the site.

Not Registered?

You might also be a member of our alumni group with whom we have lost contact.

If so, click on the Contact page and send us an e-mail with your name and mailing address and information about your association with the Camp.

Site Operations – Menus and Categories

The site has a number of useful tools to help you find your way to the material you want to see.  Across the top of the page are links to more permanent site Pages — some introductory text and permanent information such as CONTACT, which enables you to contact me privately if you wish.


Enter your e-mail address in the window underneath the Follow Blog Via Email header on the right side of the home page.  Then, any time we post something new, you will get an e-mail alert and can check it out.

On the right side of the page are several very useful tools.  One is CATEGORIES.  Each time we write a Post about something, we give it an assignment to one or more Categories such as Otter People, Otter History, Photos, Videos, etc.  Some Posts may have more than one category assigned.  For example, a video which includes lots of still photos in slide shows will be categorized as both Photo and Video.

Clicking on a category will bring up all the posts on the site that have that category (and you may need to scroll down and click on the “Older Entries” link to see all of them.)  The category listings will show the headline of the post and the first few lines.  Find the one you want, click on Read More and go to the full post.

You can also enter keyword tags as search terms and if a post contains one of those keywords like names of campers, places, or things, it will show up.

RECENT POSTS shows the latest ten posts we’ve added to the site, but obviously not all of them.

The ARCHIVES section shows ALL the posts we’ve made for a given month.

SITE UPDATES, as the name suggests, are dated entries with listings of the latest additions and changes made to the site.

LINKS are obvious….click on them to go to the designated locations elsewhere on the web.  (If you have suggestions for other links we ought to add, let me know with description and URL.)

You can also use the SEARCH THE SITE window to enter a word or phrase and see if a post or posts turns up.

Site Operations – Photos

In most cases, if you see a photo or photos, including a photo gallery, you can enlarge individual photos by clicking on them.  Galleries start with the photos appearing as thumbnail size images.  Click on the first one to open in a larger view and then click on navigation arrows or Next buttons to move right or left through the gallery.

If you see a photo without a caption and think one should be added, if you spot a caption you think is incorrect, or if you see a ? mark indicating that we are not sure about an ID or simply don’t know who is in that picture, click on the Contact page and send me a note or use the comment button at the end of the post to contribute your suggestions for changes.  If e-mail, let me know what gallery it is in or page it is in, the name of the shot, and what or who is in the shot.

Site Operations:  Algonquin Park Map Link

When you click the link for the Park map, be aware that when you land on the page, the portion of the map that is showing may be a part of the Park you are not interested in.  However, you can click and drag the image to get to where you want to be or to follow a route along a string of lakes and portages.  Once you drag and then let go, it may take a moment or two for the image to become clear, but you can move around anywhere across the Park with click and drag.

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