2014 Otter Reunion – Saturday Photos: Back to the Camp Otter Site

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September 16, 2014 by Doug Webster

Everyone had a wonderful time throughout the reunion weekend, but the clear opinion was that the Saturday afternoon visit to the north shore of Lake Otter was one of the highlights of the program.  Just standing on the shores where the camp once stood evoked a flood of wonderful memories – rainy day gatherings in the Lodge, meals in the meal hall, Sunday services on the Porch, the start and end of canoe trips, story telling, trips to Pine Tree Lane, swimming, canoeing, sailing, sleeping in cabins…..all of it.

Tremendous thanks go out to Malcolm Thornton, wife Joanna and their daughters for serving as willing and gracious hosts when we asked if we could bring over 60 people to tramp across their lawn.  And to the Otter Cottagers Association for their help in inviting area cottagers, and helping us with planning.  And also to Larry Cassie, former Association President who brought a raft of canoes to the site to allow us to take paddles on the lake and even painted up an old canoe just for our reunion.

For alumni who could only join us in spirit, we hope these pictures will bring back wonderful memories for you as well:

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